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Oakbrook Piranha Swim and Dive athletes and families: The NKSL season will very soon be underway.

Please see the attached registration form by selecting the link below:
Oakbrook Piranhas Registration Form.


Our Team:

The Piranha Swim Team is a developmental and competitive swim team which offers high quality coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability. It is our mission to enable children to strive to be the best swimmers they can be, as well as instilling in them a strong sense of team spirit.

No child committed to excelling in the pool, and demonstrating respect for others, will be left behind.

Our League:

Northern Kentucky has been a hot-bed of swimming and diving talent for decades. Some of the top swimmers and divers in the United States – and ultimately the world, began their diving careers at a local summer swim club.  Our Piranha Swim and Dive Team is a member of the Northern Kentucky Swim League–(NKSL) with meets held each week during the summer at different local clubs. The summer swimming and diving season begins in early June and runs until the end of July.



Diving Meets take place on weekdays (TUESDAYS) in the late afternoon or early evening, and while most diving teams practice in the mornings. The majority of summer league diving in our area takes place on the one-meter springboard, but some leagues (NKSL and Country Club League) sponsor three-meter diving as well.


NKSL swim teams have dual and tri-meets – usually once a week on (THURSDAYS), and the season ends with a League All Star or Champ Meet.

These meets have an emphases on self-improvement rather than tough competition. Pre-Requisite is that the child must be able to swim one length of the Olympic pool unaided by any device.


Is my swimmer ready for swim meets?

If your swimmer is a novice, who is still learning strokes, we recommend waiting one more season and skipping this year meets.

If your swimmer likes to compete in sports in general and likes to “go for it” in other sports, and can swim 25-50 yards, then they are probably ready for the swim meets. The meets are fun, gives the swimmer something to challenge themselves and are team events with lots of team spirit and good times.

*During the season, The Piranhas swim and dive team will also allow a one week trial period with parents only paying the swim club insurance fee of $15.50* If your kids are happy pay the remaining balance, otherwise you are only out the $15.50


Team Suits:

A team suit can be purchased at Swimville in Fort Thomas, KY. https://www.swimvilleusa.com/

If you choose to purchase a Piranha’s team suit please consider doing so ASAP as there are a limited number of each size. If you forego the team suit this season we ask that a plain back suit be used instead.

Team caps will be available for purchase for $5 at any swim practice or swim meet.

Swim Officials:

Each club is required to provide officials at every meet so please consider going to a training session. The league is offering training for anyone who is interested in becoming a swim or dive official. This is a great way to get involved and provides you with a front row view of all of the competition. As soon as the league releases the training dates we will update the site.

In addition to league training there are resources online that are very useful. check out the following link below:



As in the past the team looks for sponsors to help offset costs and keep team fees at a reasonable level.

Team Contact:

For information about the Piranhas Swim and Dive Team please contact:
Nikki Haaser

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