Selling a Membership

Oakbrook Swim Club memberships are now transferable.

The transaction does not need to go through Oakbrook, however Oakbrook MUST be informed of the transaction.

Memberships that have not paid dues for 2 years will be forfeited. (see Section 23 of the By-Laws below).  The member will not be able to sell their membership.

The cost of a new bond for the 2018 swim season is $800 ($375.00 for the bond and $425.00 for the yearly dues)


Section 23 – Annual Dues; payment of Indebtedness.

The Board of Directors shall establish the annual dues for the ensuing year in an amount sufficient to provide the necessary operating expenses of the Corporation and the property maintenance and improvement of the Corporation’s property and facilities.  Such dues shall be payable by April 1 of each year.  No dues or part thereof shall be refunded in the event that operations are required to be suspended for any period.  In the event a member does not pay the annual dues or any indebtedness by the due date thereof, the member shall be delinquent and shall be subject to late and/or finance charges.  If the delinquency continues through May 1, the member shall be notified by any form of confirmable delivery chosen by the Board of Directors as soon as possible.  If the Corporation does not receive the required payment within 15 days following the mailing or transmittal of the delinquency notice, the delinquent member shall cease to have any of the privileges offered to members (including the rights to vote and to use the Corporation’s facilities) until all indebtedness owed to the Corporation is paid in full.  The annual membership dues, late fees and finance charges shall become a lien against the certificate held by the member.  When the amount of the lien equals or exceeds face value of the certificate, then the Corporation shall redeem the certificate in exchange for the  delinquent indebtedness.  Notice of redemption shall be sent to the certificate holder thirty (30) days prior to redemption to allow the certificate holder the opportunity to pay the delinquent indebtedness owed to the Corporation.  (These dates can be established differently each year if set by the Board of Directors).  Notification of desire to resign from membership does not relieve a certificate holder of their obligation to pay dues, fees, or assessments owed, due or levied before their certificate is sold.


If it is time to sell your membership, interested buyers can contact you to set up a transaction.

Then mail the completed form to:

Oakbrook Swim & Tennis Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 1385
Florence, KY 41022-1385

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