Rules and Regulations

Oakbrook Swim, Inc.
Rules and Regulations

Memberships in the Corporation shall consist of family units. A family unit will be the head of the family, spouse and any close relatives residing in the home. When a membership constitutes one person, then this member shall be entitled to one guest at any time at no additional fee, or punch on guest card.

1. All accidents and injuries, which occur on Club grounds, must be reported immediately to Club managers.
2. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
3. Each adult member shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons present under their membership, including any and all damages to Club property.
4. Pets are not permitted anywhere on Club property. (This includes leaving pets in cars.)
5. The Board of Directors request that no member reprimand an employee. All complaints regarding service should be addressed to the Club Managers. Club Managers shall submit a report of the complaint to the Board of Directors with comments and/or solutions.
6. All persons using the Club are strictly responsible for the proper disposal of their paper and debris in the facilities provided.
7. Any misconduct or any infraction of these rules should be reported to the Club Managers.
8. Anyone defacing or destroying the pool or facilities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
9. No glass containers may be brought on to the premises. Wrappers must be on all beer cans.
10. Non-payment of membership dues/assessments will result in the denial of admittance to any family member.
11. Children under 1 (one) year of age are free and requires no punch or guest card.
12. Grandparents Clause. Certificate-holder’s parents, NOT using any facilities, pool, tennis, etc. will be admitted at no charge and no punch or guest card. This privilege is for observing only.

1. All automobiles shall be carefully parked in the Club parking lots unless otherwise directed in an orderly manner to make maximum use of the available space and to assure free ingress and egress for all other vehicles.
2. Automobiles shall not be driven at a speed in excess of 10 mph on Club grounds.
3. Skateboards and rollerblading are not permitted on Club grounds except for the purposes of entering or leaving the Club. All vehicles/bicycles shall be parked in the designated area.
4. The managers shall be in charge of all Club equipment and he/she shall assign the use of such equipment in a manner equitable to the entire membership. The pool managers shall also have the right to eject or to refuse admission to any member or guest whose presence in his/her judgment would be detrimental to the membership or to Club property.
5. Pedestrians and children on bicycles shall have the right of way at all times within the confines of the grounds and on the driveways approaching the grounds.
6. All motorized vehicles shall be confined to the designated driveways and parking areas.

Upon entering the Club, each member shall register in the manner prescribed by the Club Managers. Each member shall register the names and addressees of all his/her guests on the guest register. A person (13 or older) who is responsible for the behavior and safety of such child MUST accompany children under the age of ten (10) years of age. Any member child turning 10 during the pool season (Memorial Day – Labor Day) shall be allowed into the pool facility without adult supervision. Lifeguards and other employees are not baby-sitters. Ultimate responsibility rests with the parents.
Swimming Area Rules

1. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.
2. All persons should shower before entering the pool.
3. Running, pushing, wrestling and other rough or disorderly activities are strictly prohibited.
4. Food and refreshments can be consumed in either the snack bar area or picnic areas. Only drinks in unbreakable containers may be brought to the pool area. No smoking in any of the buildings.
5. The pool Managers or lifeguards can refuse admission, or expel from the water, anyone with skin abrasions, bandages, infections, inflamed eyes, cough, or colds. This rule may be waived by the pool Manager upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate that the person’s condition is neither contagious, dangerous, nor injurious to the person or to the others.
6. Air inflated tubes, jackets, masks, inflatable rafts, balls, goggles, flippers or other swimming paraphernalia shall be allowed in the pool at the discretion of the pool Managers.
7. When deemed necessary by the Managers/Guards, only those persons passing prescribed tests may use the diving area and other deep portions of the pool.
8. Children who are not toilet trained will be permitted in the main pool ONLY IF IN SWIM DIAPERS. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes the wading pool.
9. The Pool Board on a yearly basis shall set the pool hours. These will be communicated in the first newsletter of the year and posted at the pool for reference. The pool Managers may extend pool hours during very hot weather and may close the pool for maintenance, health reasons, adverse weather conditions or any other reasons he/she deems necessary.
10. All members and guests shall leave the premises within 15 minutes of closing.
11. Pool Managers shall allow for lap swim and adult swim at his/her discretion.
12. All children using the wading pool must be accompanied by an adult at all times. No lifeguard will be on duty at the wading pool. Use of the wading pool shall be restricted to children five years (5) of age and under.

13. No smoking or vaping on premises.

Guests (definitions)

Babysitter: A person who is neither a minor dependent of a member nor a permanent resident of the member household. This person must be at least 13 years or older and has the responsibility for the behavior and safety of a child when the parents are not present. If parents are also using the facility, the babysitter will be treated as a regular guest. Adult members must notify the pool (front desk) in advance of the name and age of the babysitter who will be accompanying their child/children.

House Guest: Any person who is not a local guest who resides in the household of a member for more than 24 hours.

Guest: Any person who is not a houseguest.
Guest Privileges

A. Each member shall have the unlimited use of the club facilities for baby sitters when the member parents are not present. (See babysitter definition above.) The member must register the babysitter in advance with the Club Manager.
B. Houseguests may use the facilities for seven (7) consecutive days, and must register with the Club Manager on the first day of use.
C. Every guest must be accompanied at the Club by his /her host member.
D. The Board of Directors may make special arrangements for members who have unusual guest situations.
Guest Fees

Daily Guest Fees are posted on the home page of the website.

Weekly Rate for House Guest: Members may purchase weekly passes for the house guest at the rate of $50.00 per house guest individual family, and a single house guest is $30.00. Such weekly pass entitles the houseguests covered to use the Club facilities for seven (7) consecutive days.

Babysitter/Grandparent/Non-Member Babysitter Fees:

A. If a member is having someone babysit their child the babysitter can use the member’s pass to get in. This can only be done M-F (not valid on holidays)

B. Grandparents can bring up to 3 grandchildren for $30/year This can only be done M-F (not valid on holidays)

C. If a member babysits non-members they can purchase per day guest passes or pay $100/child per year. This can only be done M-F (not valid on holidays)

Forgotten Card:

Membership card is required for entry. The forgotten card fee is $2. If your card is lost the fee to replace it is $5.


The swingset is for ages 10 and under only


Floats over 36 inches are not permitted in the shallow end on holidays and weekends. During the weeks floats over 36 inches will be at the managers discretion.

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