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The Deadline to register for swim lessons is Saturday June 2nd, 2018

Oakbrook swim lessons are designed to allow children to have fun in the water while learning new skills. They are taught by our professionally trained lifeguards. Levels are based on the abilities of each child. The children will learn the basic skills that build on one another as their levels increase.

We accept members, as well as, non-members. So make sure to tell all your friends!  Fees are per child, per session. We have also discounted the price if you enroll more than 1 child.

Cost.           Member         Non-member
1 child            $55.              $65
2 children.     $95.              $115
3children.     $120.             $165

Registration Form:
Group Swim Lesson Sign Up Form



  • Level 1: Learning to go under water, blow bubbles, little to no swim experience
  • Level 2: Starting to swim and kick board
  • Level 3: Should be able to swim and doggy paddle
  • Level 4: Learning the strokes, diving off the board


Registration begins at the pool on opening day. Stop by the front desk to register your children.

 Forms will available at the Front Desk.


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  1. I have registered 2 of my children for lessons, but I cannot find any information about what time they start each morning. Can you let me know?
    Katie Courtney

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